The Little Eye Clinic That Could

Eye Care We Care is a mobile eye care clinic in the Philippines that offers eye care services to those who do not have access to eye care or cannot afford it. In what they describe as their calling, Ed Damilao and his wife, Susan Damilao, work to establish relationships with local officials in areas that do not offer access to eye care. Volunteer eye doctors then diagnose and treat people’s vision, some of whom may have never seen clearly before.

They do all of this traveling in a bus—their “clinic on wheels.” On the back of the bus reads, “Delivering God’s Ultimate Vision Plan to the Poor.” The Damilaos have seen the value of their efforts. They believe that, whether or not it was their plan, their service is what God wants them to do. They believe in eye care and the benefits it can bring to those who need it. To be able to see the world clearly is something many of us might take for granted, but for the people the Damilaos serve, it’s a miracle.

Ed Damilao says, “To you and I it’s just simple eye glasses, but to them it’s a dream come true.” Indeed, one can imagine the relief that eye glasses could bring to someone who has possibly never experienced clear vision. Unfortunately, their clinic on wheels has been suffering recently. The bus is rusting, and in some places there are holes patched with duct tape. One particular problem area is a hole that is close to the windshield. The windshield threatens to detach every time they brake too hard, which is not only dangerous for them, but it also jeopardizes their mission.

The Damilaos use this bus to move around between the communities they are helping. In order for the Damilaos to deliver “God’s Ultimate Vision Plan to the Poor,” their mobile clinic must be repaired. That’s where we come in. Supporting Patoola is supporting Eye Care We Care. It is supporting those in the Philippines who need glasses to see the world as brightly and clearly as we do.

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