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Imagine you being a part in increasing awareness about – and be part of eradicating– visual impairment all over the world by providing the visually-impaired, low-vision, and the blind in under privileged countries with eyeglasses, necessary medical care, and/or programs to help them lead better lives.

For each pair of Patoola prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses you purchased, we will provide either prescription eyeglasses for people with visual-impairment or the funding to support people with low-vision, or blindness from an underprivileged region. This way, you will have access to an amazing eyewear and at the same time will have this great opportunity to improve the lives of the needy with the bliss of vision so that they can pursue education & employment opportunities with confidence. We partnered with non-profit organizations that work to help the underprivileged visually impaired people.


These goggles are tangible “day in the life” reminder of what life is like every single day, 24/7 for the visually impaired, low-vision, or the blind. For people with common visual impairment disorders, their peripheral visions are restrictive and uncomfortable. For people with low-vision, in addition to being restrictive visions, they can only see through very tiny and random openings through their special low-vision lenses. For the blind, they are permanently dark. Your pair of Patoola goggles is your ticket to the Patoola community, and helping to #SpreadTheVision (quite literally).

Take fun “goggleselfies”, #SpreadTheVision, and make a difference!

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